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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

The item listed on this page was manufactured to plug into standard United States electrical outlets
and operates on standard United States voltage of 120 voltage, 60 hertz (cycles).


            Vintage Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36

            Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36    Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36    Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36    Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36    Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36        

            This is a Vintage Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36 which is made by Linemaster Switch Corp.

            We cut cord off a long time ago to remove the damage sustained by the heavy object landing on the cord,
            the foot switch received no damage at all as you can see in the pictures.
            There are some wear marks that we find on the rubber tread on the top of the footswitch and the underside
            non-skid rubber pad has been replaced with new similar material.
            Even as great as this
Vintage Treadlite Footswitch Cat. No. T-51-SC36 looks, we must say that it is lightly used.

            It operates great our Tech tells us and is in great used vintage condition.

            The cord conductors are soldered to the contact terminals of the switch and the ground, green wire, is a screw connection.
            You should not have any trouble replacing the cord, just connect the conductors of the new cord to the same
            location as the the original cord connectors.
            You will be able to hard-wire it into the circuit you want and use it after you put the length of cord you need in it
            or add it to your collection.            

            Made in U.S.A.    

                        Cat. No.: T-51-SC36
            Cord Size/Length: originally had 18 Ga. 3 Conductor / 3 inch Need to install a longer cord.
                 Switch Rating:
7 Amps, 125-250 Volts A.C., 1/6 HP. 125 Volts A.C.
              Switch Contacts: 2 Terminals, N.O.

            Dimensions: Approximately 2¾ inches Wide X 3½ inches Long X ¾ of an inch Thick

            It has a non-skid backing to set loosely on the floor or you can use double-sided, heavy-duty adhesive pad
            for when you want it to stay in one place.

            Price: $11.97
            Shipping and Handling: $7.15 Within the Continental United States.

             All Electric Items Contained on this page were made to operate in the United States on our standard
             household electricity!

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