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         Suffering Moses Boat Shaped Bowl

            Suffering Moses Boat Shaped Bowl View 1    Suffering Moses Boat Shaped Bowl View 2    Suffering Moses Boat Shaped Bowl View 3    Suffering Moses Boat Shaped Bowl View 4    Suffering Moses Boat Shaped Bowl View 5    Suffering Moses Boat Shaped Bowl View 6

            I first learned of "Suffering Moses" when I acquired a beautiful, boat shaped bowl of brass and papier mâché that was hand
on the bottom "Hand Painted by Suffering Moses Srinagar Kashmir India".

            Because of my Art History education, I was curious, so
I started researching.
            Below is some of what I found out about this artist.

            Srinagar is situated in Kashmir in northern India, which is surrounded by mountains at the Himalayan foothills, lakes Dal and Nagin and a maze of rivers.

            This shop in Srinagar owned by this old artist who made the most exquisite papier mâché, delicate, multi-layered, intricate flawless pieces.
            He signed all his work on the bottom, in a sprawing calligraphic signature....the same name as his store, "Suffering Moses".

            His name was Moses. When asked "Why he signed his artworks with "Suffering Moses", he replied "How else could I make
beautiful? Only by suffering, right? I suffer for my art. You create nothing good if you don't suffer."

            In Srinagar, between the old main Post Office and a colonial building that housed Grindlays Bank, lay an extraordinary shop
            that sold
objects d'art of papier mâché and woodcarvings of Walnut, as well as more common quality handicrafts.
            The second floor gallery
was run by the mysterious and highly charismatic Moses, an old wise man and a leader of an occult
            religious group. His wife was
surprisingly from America, and he continued a family tradition that had lasted for centuries.

            Moses explained how he had been trained to become a painter as a little boy at the begining of the 20th century.
            He wasn't eager to
part with his best items, and he wanted potential customers of his finer works to be aware of what they purchased.
            He was known
to ask potential customers to leave and not return, as they had no understanding of art.

            His son and grandson also had high quality shops a short walk from the master himself.

            I have seen various items signed "Suffering Moses", among them are brass, papier mâché, Walnut wood carvings and beautiful
            Persian type rugs. Some of the items were dated as early as 1915. Thankfully, it appears that this wonderful art is being carried on by his descendants.

            You are purchasing a very beautiful, unique and rare signed piece of art history to enjoy for years to come.
            It does have a small
crack as you can see in the photo, which seems to bring out the character.

            The size is approximately 6.25 inches end to end, 3.125 inches wide, 3.125 inches high

            Price: $2651.12
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