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These are from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

            Rare Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside

        Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside-1    Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside-3    Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside-4    Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside-5    Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside-6    Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside-7    Spooky Coffin with Vampire inside-8

            We are very honored to offer you this Rare Spooky Coffin with Vampire to add to your Halloween collection.
            This is used, in very good condition and this Spooky Coffin comes in it's Original Box/Package.
            Remember, this is vintage and is used, so the Original Box/Package does show some signs of wear.

            The Vampire raises up as the Coffin lid opens, his eyes flash green, he gives an eerie vampire laugh
            then lays down as the lid closes.
This Spooky Coffin with Vampire is battery operated and uses 3 AA batteries, has a three position
            switch On, Off, On with sound.

            Price: $40.00
            Shipping and Handling: $15.00 
within the continental United States

            Rare "Cindee The Witch" Happy Halloween Musicals

            Rare Cindee The Witch Happy Halloween Musicals-1    Rare Cindee The Witch Happy Halloween Musicals-6    Rare Cindee The Witch Happy Halloween Musicals-8    Rare Cindee The Witch Happy Halloween Musicals-15    Rare Cindee The Witch Happy Halloween Musicals-13    Rare Cindee The Witch Happy Halloween Musicals-12    Rare Cindee The Witch Happy Halloween Musicals-11

            This is the Rare "Cindee The Witch", one of the retired Happy Halloween Musicals made by
            PBC International, Inc.

            Cindee the Witch is here to bewitch you with the the song "Girl's Just Want To Have Fun", then cast a spell
            for you to have a safe, Happy Halloween and then to remember her throughout the years to follow.

            She uses 3 AA-Alkaline Batteries that allows her to sing when you squeeze her.

            Cindee has only been out of her display carton to pose for our camera and so that she could sing a little.

            Price: $56.00
            Shipping and Handling: $75.00 (Just Kidding) change this to the correct amount if this is to be.

            PS: "Cindee The Witch" has a slightly wicked sense of humor . . . <giggle>

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