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Electric Air Purifier/Ionizer

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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

The electrical item listed on this page was manufactured to plug into standard United States electrical outlets

and operate on standard United States voltage of 120 volts, 60 hertz (cycles).

            Holmes Air Purifier/Ionizer Model: HAP 220

            Holmes Model: HAP 220 Air Purifier/Ionizer-2    Holmes Model: HAP 220 Air Purifier/Ionizer-1    Holmes Model: HAP 220 Air Purifier/Ionizer-3    Holmes Model: HAP 220 Air Purifier/Ionizer-4    Holmes Model: HAP 220 Air Purifier/Ionizer-5    Holmes Model: HAP 220 Air Purifier/Ionizer-6    Holmes Model: HAP 220 Air Purifier/Ionizer-7

This Holmes Air Purifier/Ionizer HAP 220 that works great! High and Low speeds and the Ionizer all work well.

            It actually uses a washable prefilter to remove the large things in the air then a HEPA filter
            to remove most of the finer particles then
passes through a charcoal panel to remove odors
            from the air then it passes through the ionizer, all this to give you cleaner, healthier air to
            breath. It will also freshen the air in a room that's been closed up.

            It will remove Pollen, Mold Spores, Smoke and Bacteria and remove particles as small as .1 microns.
            The Holmes Air Purifier/Ionizer filters and ionizes 65 cubic feet of air per minute in other words
            it will change the air in a 12' by 13' by 8' high ceiling about 3 times every hour of operation.

            Features: Hi and Low cleaning, Ionizer on/off, HEPA filter, Activated Charcoal filter, Washable prefilter,
                          HEPA Filter condition chart

                        Model: HAP 220
                        Power: 120 Volts, 60 Hz, .85 Amps.
                 HEPA Filter: as small as 0.1 microns

Approximate Dimensions:
                                     Height: 11½ inches
                                       Wide: 10   inches
                                      Depth:  6¼ inches

            Price: $33.00  $19.77
            Shipping and Handling: $21.91
Within the Continential United States.

The Electric Item Contained on this page was made to operate in the United States on our standard
             household electricity!


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