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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

            Brown Brothers Machine Co. Inc. Model: BTL Vintage Morse Code Key

            Brown Bros Machine Model BTL

            The Brown Bros. Mach. Co. only made keys not keyers. All the keys were made by one person, Bill Brown.
            He made the die-cast machine, all the keys parts and dies himself.
            Bill Brown also designed, painted and labeled each key ever made by Brown Bros. Mach. Co.
            He worked alone in his shop in the basement making the keys. Bill was a true perfectionist and a real craftsman.

            The Model BTL was the original keyer paddle which used the unbased twin lever(UTL) on a heavy, black painted, wrinkle
            finished metal base. The leads were connected to three screw terminals located on a recessed panel at the rear of the
            base away from the operator. The base measured 3.5in X 4.5in.
            It was first reviewed as "New Apparatus" in the September 1964 issue of QST Magazine.
            This key was made from 1964 to 1973, from the research it appears that this key was closer to the 1964 year and not the later.

            This Model BTL key is in excellent working condition and ready to be used or a great addition to your collection.

            Included in this purchase is: the BTL key, cable with attached plug already connected to the key for quick installation.

            Price: $133.50
            Shipping and Handling: $16.80
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